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Welcome to my studio and Global Art Supply Southeast:

My family and I recently relocated to Decatur, Alabama where I work exclusively in Heritage Multimedia® Acrylics and enjoy painting, designing and teaching in many different styles and genre. What an exciting job I have sharing my passion for art with artists and students from around the world either through travel teaching, conducting special seminars and workshops, via social media, or through the offering of special electronic educational lessons.

My Story:

While working as a news reporter in Texas in 1988, I stumbled across a local Tole Shop that eventually changed my life's destiny. I've been painting in acrylics ever since. Having the opportunity to live in several parts of the country, I've had the pleasure, since 1995, of sharing my passion for painting with budding artists across the country. 

I was first introduced to David Jansen, his painting, teaching and education styles in 1998. My artistic journey, thus far, has been nothing less than rewarding. After years of studying the old and embracing the new, as a Heritage Ambassador, I am now enjoying developing my own style, designing my own artwork, and sharing my passion for art.



I hope thru art you discover your passion and, most of all, enjoy YOUR journey.


Heritage Ambassador

Distributor Global Art Supply Southeast