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Heritage Multimedia Multi-Surface Sealer Medium

Brand: Heritage MultiMediaHeritage MultiMedia

Heritage Multi-Surface Sealer is a resin based medium that will create an exceptional barrier between the surface you choose to decorate and the subsequent layers of paints and mediums. Heritage Multi-Surface Sealer is about 20% solids which means it will increase both hardness and durability of the paint when it is mixed directly into it. When added to Heritage paints, Multi-Surface Sealer will increase the adhesive qualities of the paint and can be added to any of the paint colors for outdoor applications. It is compatible with any of the Heritage mediums. Sealer will dry in 10-20 minutes depending on humidity. You have the option of using a hair dryer to speed drying time. Sealer will fully cure in 2 weeks; however, it is 80% cured within 24 hours so you may safely work on any surface it is applied to after 24 hours. Clean up with soap and water.

Multi-Surface Sealer can be used on any surface: wood, mdf, metal, glass, paper mache, porcelain, or terra cotta. It can be added at any time in the painting process.

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8 oz. $7.20 each
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16 oz. $12.65 each
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