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Heritage Multimedia Faux Finishing Medium

Brand: Heritage MultiMediaHeritage MultiMedia

Heritage Faux Finishing Medium is a thick, semi-transparent medium which, when added to Heritage colors, can create a vast array of faux finishes and texturing possiblities. Faux Medium gives the paint extra body so it stays put when applied. Faux Medium also adds transparency to paint colors which makes it ideal for wood graining techniques. Its chemical properties give it an extended open time which allows the artist to create patterns and textures for up to 20 minutes before it begins to dry.

Heritage Faux Finishing Medium is compatible with all Heritage paints and mediums. It is non-toxic and cleans up with soap and water. Because it is an acrylic product, it should not be used over oil based products.

Medium Sizes Price
8 oz. $7.20 each
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