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P3001-E A Summer Evening-recreated Download

P3001-E A Summer Evening-recreated Download
$8.95 each

This A Summer Evening-recreated download instructional packet features 62 color step photos with in-depth, detailed 23 pages of instructions. This design was inspired by the work of Aston Louis Knight. DeAnn recreates and captures the ambiance of a summer evening through her use and control of temperature, value and intensity through the painting. She prides herself in offering thorough, easy to understand instructions for every step of the painting. All that is needed is a few basic brushes, a painting knife, and the basic six tubes of Heritage Multimedia® Acrylics.


Heritage Multimedia® Acrylics

Naphthol Red Light

Hansa Yellow

Phthalo Blue

Red Violet

Carbon Black

Titanium White